Do you believe in miracles?

Over the last 18 months my life went from amazing to on my death bed for a year to freedom fully healed. But how?

How am I standing here before you fully healed? 

All I can say is Lord look what you’ve done. 

As I laid there on my deaths bed, the enemy was trying to do all he could to take me. Isolating me, speaking death over me from doctors, trying to tear my family apart one by one. Playing tricks on my mind and making sickness after sickness riddle my body. 

But again all I can say is look what you’ve done God!! He’s made me completely new. He gave me His blood to replace mine. He gave me and my family new DNA. He taught me what it is to be healed and FREE and I am truly free!! Free From the prison that sickness was trying to keep me in. 

Between the Epstein Barr, guillian barre and toxic mold my outcome to doctors was never going to be a full recovery. It was talks of MS, Alzheimer’s, and a life in a bubble. Where I couldn’t breathe normal air, I could never go in public and would never again live a normal life. 

But that WAS not my reality! Without Jesus I would have been hopeless. But He freed me from the darkness of this world. Sickness was never his intention for any of us and He sent us the gift of Christ, and the Holy Spirit, so we do not have to be a slave to the darkness!! Thank you Jesus!

I stand before you today fully healed. At one point it took me thousands of dollars a month and somewhere close to 80 pills a day just to barely function. Just to keep my body hanging on. Those supplements gave me a fighting chance while God worked His truth into my heart. 

Laying in that bed alone and in the dark, literally in the dark because my brain could not handle seeing light or noise. It tormented my brain and would quickly paralyze my body.  But God rescued me. Not just from the sickness overtaking my body but He freed me from the shame and sin of my past I was holding onto, Hiding in my heart for far too long. 

God uprooted all the lies I kept. All the lies I was telling myself. All the things I had shoved so deep down inside I didn’t even remember they were there. He broke down walls of shame. Walls of trauma and released me from the prison they had created. They made way for the sickness in my body and opened a gate for the enemy to keep me held down. Keeping me from truly reaching my God given potential. But he’s already lost and I knew that. I was going to see a victory and I did!

Do you know how powerful you are? Truly? As a child in christ do you understand what power lies inside of you!! 

Jesus asked His father to send the Holy Spirit to replace Him when Heleft earth and God did. That is the same spirit that John baptized Christ in to start his ministry on earth. The same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. Lazarus from the dead. That told the paralyzed on the streets to stand up and walk. The same spirit the disciples used to make the blind see, to cast out demons and set Gods people free. 

That healing power resides inside you. That healing is already yours. The moment Christ died by His stripes you were healed. You just have to get angry enough to take your authority back. Stop giving the enemy permission to have the power that is rightfully yours as a child of God and stand up and fight. 

Whether it’s physical healing you need, freedom from past mistakes, or to move past trauma that is being stored in your mind and body. It is yours for the taking. So in the words of Audrey Mack. It’s time to violently take that power back. 

I took my power back. But I had to surrender to God long before that. He uprooted all that trauma and shame I was holding onto so I could truly receive His healing. You can have it all. Right now. All you have to do is believe for it and take it. 

I am standing here before you not only healed from all that trauma and pain, that God uprooted, unashamed and free. But I am fully healed. The day I took my authority back God told me to stop the pills. All of them. At that point I was still taking about 40 pills a day and on a massively restricted diet. He told me child do not fear just believe and go eat. So I did. Without a reaction!! Where before I had to take a histamine pill for my body not to reject any food or drink I put in it. I ate and I ate well. I never took a pill again and have now claimed that healing for my children but those stories are to come. 

Friends I stand here before you overcoming every doctor’s diagnosis. Every word of death spoken over me because the spirit inside me knew that was not my reality. The spirit inside me fought when I wanted to give up so God could speak His truth into me. He will do the same for you! All you have to do is surrender and believe for it. 

Miracles are for today. I am a miracle standing FREE in front of your eyes. 

So share this now with someone who needs a miracle. I will continue to share more of my story. What God did, what I did and how you can have true freedom too. So keep following along. It’s not just for me. It’s for you too. 


Praise His name!! Thank you Jesus. 


Here is some Scripture to read and claim your healing:

Psalm 101:3

Isaiah 53:5

Mathew 9:1-8

Mathew 8:3; 15-17

Luke 9:1-2

Mathew 9:28-29; 35


Also a playlist for you to speak God’s truth over you in any circumstance. PLAY HERE