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What Happens In The Waiting

Do you ever feel like God doesn’t hear you? You’re ready to be done with this season and move forward but just feel stuck? I have an answer for you.

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Sensational Love Lube

A DIY sex lube to enhance pleasure and blood flow. Its non toxic and edible. Made with organic ingredients and pure essential oils.

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Love Button Lotion

Its time to spice up the bedroom. Whether its valnetine’s day, your anniversary or just a friday night. This DIY sex lotion will increase the fun!

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A life unexpected

When life ends up in a place you didn’t expect. When your marriage isn’t where you wanted it to be.

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3 Ingredient DIY Sugar Scrub

No need to pay high dollar for sugar scrubs. Make your own and customize your own scents! It’s quick, easy, and totally non toxic! All it takes is 3 easy ingredients.

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