God doesn’t make people sick!

When people say God made me sick it does something to me. Like saddens my heart and fires me up all at the same time.

It breaks my heart that believers think God would do soemthing like that tk them. Which makes me realize they have grown up in a place that didn’t teach them God’s new covenant.

If you read the Bible front to back there are many things that fell upon believers but that was BEFORE Christ! That was before all your sun was wiped clean and you were made a saint in God’s eyes the moment you put faith in His son! Did you know that? That God no longer sees you as a sinner even though it’s what we all deserve because we are.

But he delights in your presence and as I have said before has over 7k amazing promises for you and one of those is health and healing. Scripture doesn’t lie but your religious background might.

So many churches have made a practice over putting God in a box where he doesn’t belong and when you dive into scripture yourself you find the answers. Like I did.

When I was fighting my battle I had so many believes tell me God doesn’t promise healing but oh we’re they mistaken! Because our God is a God of healing and I have a couple dozen scripture for you to prove it.

But friends I am the standing miracle that proves God wants you well. It is Satan and his cursed that create sickness. NOT God. So stop speaking death over people and be the light. Know the scripture that God does heal. Holy Spirit power is real and speak that into your sick friends!

We get enough death talk from doctors we don’t need believes spreading the lies of the enemy!

Here’s a great resource for all kinds of scriptures.