Where would I be if it wasn’t for the cross?

There is a power out there you are seeking, one I searched my entire life for and finally found. 

I was once a little girl who never understood who she was. I never felt like I fit. My entire identity was on the court. If I wasn’t playing a sport, sweating, hustling, I didn’t know who I was.

I was once a teenager who was so easily persuaded by those around me. Those people I allowed to lead me astray because I had no foundation of truth to stand on. 

I was once a new mom lost without hope or purpose. Searching for answers  

I was once sick, broken and felt completely unloved. 

I am now a different person. I am no longer that lost little girl, I understand who I am because God has told me. I am powerful because His blood runs through my veins.. He has crowned me as His and I sit in the heavenly places with the one who has never been defeated and never will. 

I am no longer wavered by the winds. The world can speak but I do not hear. I stand in God’s truths. With His 7k promises for my life. I have built my foundation on Him. My roots are planted in the words of His truth. There I will stand because there’s nothing my God can’t do. 

I now have a purpose. Beyond being a mom, but every bit of what I do includes them. I disciple my children to know where their foundation is. To know their words have power and truth when they are rooted in God. All authority has been given to them, to me, and we sing it from the rooftops. 

I was once sick, my kids were once sick, we were broken from the inside. Cursed by the darkness but we learned to use that power inside us to speak to every lie we ever believed. Ones passed down through generations. Every curse broken because when God’s word is spoken it never goes void. 

We now can watch heaven fall as we speak His name. When we open up our mouths, miracles happen. The living water flows from us. We tell our bones to live, our lungs to speak, speak over every sickness and break down every lie. 

All of this is possible because of the cross. I once didn’t understand the power of that cross. That it wasn’t just our sin demolished on that cross. Jesus died for me, for you, to make us whole again. To bring heaven down, to heal every disease, to cast out the darkness and give us prosperity and all authority. To break down the walls of tradition and religion.

He did it all so you can have a relationship with Him and The Father. That’s all they want. Is you to stand in their presence. With no agenda. With no list of things you need done. But to stand in the miracles of His presence. 

Where He wraps you in His wings, He clothes you in His feathers and protects you from this world. When you are sheltered in the Most high, no plague can come against you, no darkness will befall you. Because Jesus. 

Jesus it’s you. You are the wonder working Son of the almighty who saved us. You heal us because you love us. You wiped away our sins because you love us. You give us the power of miracles because you love us. You send us out to do your good works because you love them. You send us to seek after those who are lost for you. 

You use us as a vessel to bring the lost back to you. To break down the walls of religion and show people your love. Showing them you are not mean, you don’t make people sick, you never leave them and you are waiting for them to return home. 

Jesus can do it all. He can heal them all. He can reunite families. The lost will return. He will make cancer disappear. He will ressurect you back to life. He will restore your mental health. There’s nothing he cannot do  

We have this All because the cross. 

Praise His name. Claim that love. Let Him set you free. 


Hallelujah for the cross. I would still be lost without a way. I would still be sick and in pain. I would still be angry without a purpose. I would still have all my trauma thinking it’s mine. This my friends is why I am ever grateful for the cross.