When the world you knew is gone.

It’s easy in this crazy world to lose faith. To feel like there is no hope, the world is against you and life is falling apart.

Trust me. My mind goes there. When in one year I lost my health, my home, my clothes, my things, my memories, my ability to care for myself and my family. I get it. I fight with the darkness of this world daily. But I don’t stay there. I have learned what to do when the darkness creeps in. When I feel so mad and sad I don’t want to do anything.

Do you want know what I do?

There is a place I can always go that is warm and safe. A place where there is guidance through this chaotic world! And it is at my fingertips. When I feel scared, lost and alone. Asking all the questions of what? Why? When will it all come back? Will it ever?

I turn to one place, one book, and that place has never failed me. It gives me hope when I feel hopeless. It gives me guidance when I feel lost and most of all it reminds me of who I Am. I am a child of God. And in that I am promised many things. To be taken care of, never left alone and that I am here for a purpose. To stop believing the lies spinning on the tv, shaming me, making me feel worthless and alone.

So what I do…

I turn to my Bible. I ask the Holy Spirit to replace my fear and doubt with strength beyond my understanding. Everytime when I am just about to give up I am reminded somehow of one of his promises. A friend texts with an encouraging word. A song comes on the radio with just the right words I need in that moment. I pick up my Bible, open the app, or read a devotion and it is the exact words I need right then.

See God’s word is living. It’s moving and weaving with us through this life. You can hear that same scripture your whole life, and never really hear it, until that one time, that one place you were experiencing something different. It speaks right to your soul. It fills you up with peace and knowledge, truly beyond your own understanding.

When you feel lost and overwhelmed you may distance yourself from friends and family, turn to a substance or food to numb the pain. You may get insomnia or all you do is sleep. You want to run to a vacation, or shopping trip, to escape life. You go home and throw on that tv show to escape reality for just a moment.

But have you noticed a pattern? How you feel after each one of these? Does the feeling ever last? Or is it just a temporary reality fix? Always waiting for that next escape.

For me it’s always temporary. No matter what I seek on this earth it’s never enough. I am never satisfied for long. But when I turn to the Lord he fixes my heart. He guides me and leads me. He gives me his wisdom to get through the struggles of this life. That sticks. That lasts and that reminder is always right there waiting when I need it.

Believing in Christ gives you a home. A place to escape to in an instant that is the relief you seek. But it does not stop all the bad, hurt and brokenness of this world. It does give you peace, hope, love, wisdom, and guidance to the problems and struggles you’ll face.

God never fails. Truly. It may not always look like what you picture in your head but he truly never leaves you. When you seek him you will find him. When you follow his calling he blesses you.

Sadly suffering is part of this life. But with Christ you don’t suffer alone. As I’ve laid in bed not knowing if I’d live through the day, let alone the year, he is there. When I feel the waters rising so high above my head I feel like I’m drowning, he’s there. He picks me up, loves me, surrounds me, and provides for me. He encourages me and gives me purpose.

So I ask you friend. In the pain and struggle where do you want to be? Alone fighting battles that feel like their sucking the life out of you? Or do you want to be able to show up in that struggle with faith, peace and knowing it’s all going to be ok.

Because it is. When we have Christ. It’s all going to be ok. No tear is wasted, no hurt is lost and no need is ever unmet. He guides you through this earth with a promise of eternity where there is no more pain or hurt. While giving you purpose while you’re here.

Is it time to give your life to Christ? If it’s yes. Write me in below. Let’s celebrate together and let me help you find your way to Christ.