A life changed unexpectedly

Our journey into healing started over 7 years ago when we were pregnant with our first daughter. We were beyond excited! What I wasn’t excited about was the long list of no’s and do not do’s from the OB. When I started to question why I couldn’t eat deli meat, or use my normal face wash there were not adequate answers from the OB. So I started doing my own research. What I found had me completely shocked! They weren’t just bad during pregnancy, but they were bad ALWAYS. Like really bad. Like causing cancer and hormone issues bad.

This is what brought us to our first step into natural living. I started removing all the toxins from our home. I was determined to give my child a better start to life. See, I was so unhealthy my entire life. Stomach problems, hormone issue, migraines, weight issues. You name it. But the thing is, no one could ever figure out what was wrong with me. So I dealt. I just figured that was me and how I was supposed to live. I WAS WRONG!

There were answers and they all started with detoxing our house and changing the way we ate. But it wasn’t an easy journey at first. Even just 7 years ago it wasn’t as well known as it is now. There weren’t companies everywhere helping you along the way. I went through company after company trying to find a company whose ingredients I actually agreed with and the product actually worked. I was making a lot of my own products. Our diaper creams, laundry soaps and face wash. Then I found Young Living. Which opened a whole new world into natural living, essential oils! Once I had a taste I was hooked! It was just a next step into our wellness journey!

Now I am blessed to be able to walk you through your journey! To help you learn to create a healing home for you and your family, all while creating a toolbox of wellness to have at home. Check out our classes in the event tab or get started on your journey by ordering here.